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from funk to fun

Post by bizzeedee on Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:55 pm

Yesterday, I went under a mushroom cloud, Christmas let down? I did nothing but watch HGTV and felt like a slug.

I think it was the "after Christmas letdown"... I had such a busy Dec and then suddenly it was all over.

But today I bounced back... yoga class this morning got me going then this afternoon went off shopping, for nothing in particular, just shopping.

Did get a pair of yoga pants on sale with a 25% off coupon... great deal, and also found two jingle bell wreathes on sale for $5 each... which I bought for two Christmas exchanges next Dec (Diplomats with the Chamber of Commerce and Newcomers Club).... always try to to do that, as we are asked to bring a $10 gift... well I will, just got them for $5 each Very Happy

I was amazed as I went from Walmart, Peebles, JCP, Big Lots and Kmart and saw they had really been picked over.... I don't need tags, paper or ribbon.. but gosh, 2 days after Christmas had really cleaned out the stock~

None the less, it was a good day with yoga and at least 3 hours of getting in and out of the car and walking... sure beats yesterday!
Really Not Getting Much Done Around the House
Really Not Getting Much Done Around the House

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Re: from funk to fun

Post by edbson on Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:07 pm

I think it was becuase alot of people shopped on Sunday, who would normally be at work the days after Christmas.

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