I swear I am a glutton for punishment!

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I swear I am a glutton for punishment!

Post by chelle on Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:37 am

had a woman call- wanted a cake for her 2 year old 'he loves cars and tractors' was all the info she gave me- no matter the prodding.

I should have just stuck with the no- I have a really full weekend. and am pulled in 27 differnt directions.

instead we settle on THIS http://images04.olx.com/ui/3/78/20/49537820_1.jpg

but in silver instead of white. and only 2D not 3D.

So here I am at 2:30- AM trying to get this cake done- its due in the morning, my dad will be here one more day- my sons party is tomorrow, I havent made HIS cake yet, My hogs are just about to pop, and I havent gotten them settled in, and if last time is any indication, I will be pulling piglets, I have half the truck done, but in plain silver with no stripes or anything its just not looking good.

and I ate something today that didnt agree wiht me, my stomach is KILLING me.

My back aches because I am bent over like a freakin ditch digger trying to peice together this cake, and I am cranky as hell.

If I wasnt in such a small town I would call her up and tell her I give up. LOL

I did manage to get the baby shower cake delivered today- and to be perfectly honest. It took me longer to FIND my cookie cutters to cut out the letters and shapes then it did to decorate the entire cake. I was done in less than 45 minutes, and had to dig forever to find the dang cutters.

Its real cute, I will let y'all know when I get it posted to facebook.

okay, I will quit whining now. I just want to go to sleep- I didnt sleep but about 4 1/2- 5 hours last night- went to bed late, and although I kept hitting snooze this morning, (it was still dark out till pert near 7- no since in wakin up the dang chickens... ) I am still tired.

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Re: I swear I am a glutton for punishment!

Post by Lori on Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:05 am

OMG, was it going to be a carved cake? Those are not easy. I would be so frustrated if it just wasn't coming together. Your little guy deserves a fab cake, too, so I hope it worked out in the end. You know you're harder on yourself than anyone else. I think the kid is going to love whatever you make for him as long as he recognizes it as a truck!

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Re: I swear I am a glutton for punishment!

Post by amybeccaz on Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:43 pm

I totally hear ya.... your cakes are so cute though! MAKE SURE YOU CHARGE HER ENOUGH THOUGH!!
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Re: I swear I am a glutton for punishment!

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