My purple almost black toe

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My purple almost black toe

Post by bizzeedee on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:39 pm

Today, I decided to use the steam cleaner which we bought 3 years ago and never used (ya, I know weird... it's not really steam, just uses hot tap water)... and I took and break and DH tried it in the hall... I walked out, saw him, and clipped the corner short and sad OS! I whaced my toe on a corner edge in the hall.

It hurt like hell, and as the day progressed, it turned purple, now it's almost black....

Then I went on to clean the front porch, washing the siding. window trim and all the rails and furniture.... hard work, achy back, but a job done.

If I have any strength tomorrow, I'll get the power washer out tomorrrow and clean the back deck.

Just thinking about it, well it wears me out, but it needs to be done.

Anyone available to come help?

Really Not Getting Much Done Around the House
Really Not Getting Much Done Around the House

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